While on a trip, your responsibility is to get your rider to their destination as quickly and safely as possible while ensuring the passenger is comfortable. 


Ensure your A/C is at an acceptable temperature. Some riders may request the A/C to be adjusted or even turned off. Ensure you oblige to make sure your passenger is comfortable. 


Ensure the music you are playing is acceptable. Remember that your taste in music may not align with the riders taste in music. Feel free to ask the rider if they have a preferred genre of music. The rider may also ask to have a specific radio station played or the volume lowered. Be courteous and oblige. 


Ensure you are always pleasant with your rider; "Good day/How are you?". It is crucial that you gauge your rider before entering into conversation. Most riders will prefer a quiet ride home, especially after a long day. If you find yourself forcing a conversation with a rider, make note that the rider is probably not in a talking mood. Other riders may prefer lengthy conversations during their ride. Refrain from personal or sexually related conversations as this can make a rider uncomfortable. 


While not mandatory, if you can provide your rider with additional services such as complimentary water, mints, charging cables or even WiFi, then feel free to do so.


Ensure your phone is mounted and visible to your rider so there are no discrepancies in the route you are taking. Some riders may have a preferred route. If instructed by the rider, please take the preferred route. Before passing through certain "shortcuts" which may be labelled as "hot spots", ensure you communicate with the rider to find out if they are comfortable taking this route.