After accepting a trip request you can identify the customers pickup location by the black marker on the map. The riders current location will be represented by a red dot on the map. If the red dot and black marker on the map are not aligned, we recommend you call or message the rider to confirm the pickup location.

On the start trip screen you will also see the riders name and rating. Please note that the riders full name will be hidden. Example, if the riders name is Jane Doe, you will see Jane D. 

To navigate to a rider, hit the blue arrow in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.  Once you have arrived at a riders location, the app will automatically change your status from "Arrived" to "Start Trip" . If this does not happen automatically, you can manually tap "Arrived" when arrived at the customer location. 

Do not start the trip if the customer is not in the car. Allow the customer a five minutes grace period upon arrival. If after five minutes the customer is not in the car, do not start the trip automatically. Inform the customer that five minutes has passed and you will be unable to wait any longer. At this point you can ask the customer for permission to start the trip while you wait. If they do not oblige, politely inform them that you will need to cancel the trip. 

Once the customer is in the car, start the trip by swiping to the right on the "Start Trip" button.