Once you have ended the trip you will be presented with a breakdown of the fare. If the rider is paying via wallet you will see the payment method as wallet. allRiDi wallet cash will be added to your driver wallet and deducted from your balance owed. Eg. If your wallet is -$100 and your earnings from a wallet cash trip is $25, your wallet will now read $-75.

If the rider has sufficient allRiDi cash in their wallet to cover the entire fare, the cash to be collected will be zero. If the rider does not have sufficient , then the balance to be collected in cash will be displayed. Eg. Fare is $50 and rider pays $25 via allRiDi cash. In this instance, cash to be collected from the rider will be $25. 

If the rider has used a promotion or discount of any kind, this will also be displayed here. Never argue with the passenger over the amount of cash to be collected displayed. If you believe the fare is incorrect, collect what is displayed and report it to us via the in app live chat. 

Once the transaction is complete, hit "Submit".