As a driver, you keep 85% of your earnings!

Your wallet can reach a maximum credit limit of -200TTD . Once your wallet crosses -200, you will be unable to receive trip requests until a payment is made. Payments are due every Wednesday to ensure you contine to receive trip requests. Once payment is made, please send proof to allRiDi support via the in-app chat.

You can pay your commission via the following options:

Republic Bank

Teller Deposit

Account Name: allRiDi Limited

Account Number: 260802133701

Account Branch: Valpark Shopping Plaza

Fast Deposit

Account Name: allRiDi Limited

Account Number:260802133701

Online Transfer

Republic Bank to Republic Bank Only

Account Name: allRiDi Limited

Account number: 260802133701


Teller Deposit

Account Name: allRiDi Limited

Account Number: 746254010255

Account Branch: Diego Martin

Online Transfer

Scotiabank To Scotiabank Only

Transit Number: 74625

Account Number: 004010255
Account Type: Savings
Account Branch: Diego Martin


NB: PayWise Takes a standard $8 fee per transaction. This fee is separate from the merchant fee outlined on the list below. Depending on the merchant you visit you will need to pay the $5 fee as well as having the $8 fee deducted from your payment. 

Example: If you pay the Merchant $5 and pay $100 to PayWise, your account will be credited with $92.

  1. Locate a Paywise agent
    1. Using List:
    2. Using Map:
  2. Inform the agent you would like to make a Paywise Payment
  3. Provide your Personal Paywise Number
  4. Make payment (Paywise Fee is deducted from your payment)
  5. Once using your Personal Paywise Number, there is no need to send proof of payment